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He reads. He writes. He also smiles.

He reads. He writes. He also smiles.

Marcus and Donte's Crazy AF Playlist – When a mysterious woman drops a IPod in 12 year old Marcus' backpack and is taken away by government agents, a series of unfortunate, sometimes comical events follows Marcus and his twin brother Donte as they attempt to solve the mystery of the IPod while also avoiding the authorities, the wrath of the local gangbanger O.G and still get to the Homecoming dance. 

The Williams Brothers – The Williams Brothers is an drama about two estranged brothers who are forced to answer for past mistakes after the death of their mother. Their struggle to rebuild their fractured relationship on top of the environmental pitfalls that surround their every move in the South side of Chicago are deeply explored in this harrowing character study. 

Milf (co-written by Dillon Stevenson)– Milf is a comedy that follows college senior Rick James as he navigates his final semester of school and deals with the consequences of sleeping with the mother of one of his students. As he begins to prepare for life outside of the protective walls of college and to pursue his true dreams, he encounters bizarre, hilarious roadblocks that will ultimately make him a stronger person. Or at least that's what he wants to think.

Brooklyn Natives (Pilot Script for Gentrification Themed Anthology Series)Brooklyn Natives is the first episode in an anthology series that focuses on the unrelenting gentrification of New York City and the extreme, sometimes violent ways that individuals try to reclaim what they believe is theirs. Natives follows a group of friends who travel to a vintage video game shop in Brooklyn only to find that things are NOT what they seem.

Comedy Outliers (Pilot Script)Comedy Outliers follows two stand-up comedians who use their monthly comedy showcase to discuss recent events in their lives. In the pilot script, Billy D. Williams discussing his struggles paying off a debt to the IRS within 30 days with the assistance of his co-host Bryson. Hilarity ensures as the duo desperately try to secure Billy's freedom by raising $7,000 in very unique ways.